Webtek is all about transparency
and trust.

Webtek is all about transparency and trust.

Our efforts are focused on bringing your organic traffic to a full potential through data-driven approach and well-tested strategies.


Here’s what our competition does:

They buy an Ahrefs account, find out who their client’s competitors are, paste their URLs in Ahrefs, get a list of referring domains and outreach to those same domains.

It’s fast and low-effort approach. We’re not here for low-effort approach!

Our outreach process is based on understanding the market of client’s interest, understanding the goal of the client, and hand-picking the best possible media outlets and digital channels for coming up with the actionable strategy.

Link building

Yes, link building is still relevant. Yes, even this year. In fact, we can tell you right now – it’s going to be equally relevant in 2025 and 2030.

“Is link building still relevant” is not the right question to ask. Instead, ask yourself this: “Why am I not making link building active part of my marketing strategy”?

Our link building process is always part of the bigger picture. After all, link building is not a solution, it’s a supplement to already established long-term SEO strategy that doesn’t rely solely on links.


Content is king.

Ah, yes. The good old SEO cliché. Or is it? We believe this phrase is overused, but not overstated.

Good content will bring you a long way, but only as far as a good SEO strategy allows it.

In any case, our content is always shaped from the pen and mind of a native speaker, always doube-checked, and always final-approved by the client before it reaches its destination.

Other Services

24/7 article publishing on selected domains

We have direct access to selected partner domains, where we can publish your article within 24 hours, every day of the year.

Video content production and publishing

We can work closely with our partner agency specialised in video content production. This can go hand in hand with your other SEO efforts.

Consulting services for tech, gaming and iGaming

With years of experience in tech, gaming and iGaming markets, we can offer good insight in how they work, and advise you about your future plans.